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Hash Functions and Cryptographic Hashing in Java

Hash functions are a foundational topic in computer science and have many practical applications in many areas of software engineering. Cryptographic hashes due to their unique properties are used in cryptography and also play a key role in the implementation of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies. It’s important to understand this topic as Read more about Hash Functions and Cryptographic Hashing in Java[…]

Introduction to Web3j

Web3j is a Java library which provides a wrapper for the ethereum JSON-RPC API and allows you to easily interact with the ethereum blockchain. From the official documentation (see here:, Web3j is described as a highly modular, reactive, type safe Java and Android library for working with Smart Contracts and integrating with clients (nodes) Read more about Introduction to Web3j[…]

Sending Transactions to Pantheon

In this post I will be covering how to send transactions to the Pantheon Ethereum Client. Pantheon supports sending signed transactions but it doesn’t support wallet management so you will need to use third party tools to do the transaction signing for you. Transactions can be sent to Ethereum to transfer ether, to create a Read more about Sending Transactions to Pantheon[…]

Mining with Pantheon

In this post, I continue my series on Pantheon, the new Java-based Ethereum Client and today I will give you a brief overview of how to run a Pantheon miner. I am a big fan of Java so I am super excited to write more about this new Java-based tool and explore all the enterprise Read more about Mining with Pantheon[…]

Introduction to Pantheon – The Java Ethereum Client

Pantheon is the new Java Ethereum client which has recently been open sourced and is now production ready (v1.1 at the time of writing). The code was written in Java and aims to provide enterprises with an Ethereum client that has features such as stability, permissions and access control, privacy, ease of deployment and scalability. Read more about Introduction to Pantheon – The Java Ethereum Client[…]

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